You want the best for your child, and that includes choosing the best school to fit their needs.

With teachers who truly invest in your child, our comprehensive approach focuses on the whole student through innovative reading and writing methods, hands-on science methods, creativity through the arts, and character and leadership training.

We believe in a collaborative approach, with families serving as the primary educator in their students’ lives. Families are welcome to visit their children’s classes and we encourage open communication with our teachers.

With campuses in Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, Mountain Creek, Oak Cliff, Red Oak, and Waxahachie, we have a campus near you.

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Is this a private school?

No. As a public charter school many families say our high standards of excellence and “feeling part of the Life School family” contributes to a private school type of experience.

How much is tuition?

This may be one of the best kept secrets—tuition is free and supported with state tax revenue.


Is this a religious school?

No, Life School is a public charter school and open to all students.


What is a charter school?

Public charter schools are tuition-free public schools that are open to all students. They are held to strict financial and academic accountability standards. In exchange, they receive more autonomy and flexibility to encourage different and innovative learning methods.


Is Life School accredited?

Yes! Like traditional ISDs, public charter schools are monitored and accredited under the statewide testing and accountability systems.


How big are the class sizes?

Class sizes vary by grade level and families have mentioned how much they love the personalized feel and attention given to their children.

What grade levels dœs the school support?

Life School offers grades K through 12. The new Carrollton campus will support grades K-5. To find out more about the Life School campuses please visit


Does Life School have sports or extra curricular activities?

Life School offers sports, clubs and extracurricular activities that vary at each campus. Check out the school you’re interested in attending for specific activities at


Can families get involved?

Yes! Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in their children’s Life School experience. Families are welcome to visit their children’s classes and we encourage open communication with our teachers.


How can I get more information?

We’re happy to help if you still have questions. Feel free to text LIFESCHOOL to 62953, visit, or call 469-850-LIFE (5433)

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